Virtual Reality Training Has Arrived

When have you ever witnessed learners sitting through a lecture again and again and again just to publicly state that nobody – NOBODY, not a damned soul on this earth – was better and more efficient at acquiring a deep understanding of the subject matter?

The above never happened. The below does every day.

Enter Aninoob, Instant Virtual Reality Software.

Aninoob is the brainchild nurtured by the mind of polymath genius/developer/musician Michael J. Prosser. The motivation behind Aninoob exploded from the sparks of an Englishman-come-Canadian Red Sash Chef who suddenly develop an extreme allergy to seafood and forced from the kitchen. That creative energy then channeled into a computer science degree, endless nights of hardcore gaming, recording several releases on iTunes that have gained the attention of Robin Trower & Yngwie Malmsteen for serious guitar chops & composition, and in his spare time, the architect of a digital ecosystem learning management system that is globally acclaimed.

"Aninoob takes what we know as the modern Web Page and converts it to a 3D space putting you into the page in the first person," said Prosser from his idyllic island studio in the wild of Canada's Vancouver Island. "Interactions are easily added by anyone with a wide range predefined functions as well as the ability to extend the system by using the ANINOOB Javascript API."

So, what is Instant Virtual Reality Software? According to Prosser, "The ability to broadcast a 3D relative to each eye from a single broadcast model with the click of a button and Screen Recording the VR will give you instant VR Video."

Real world and virtual situations in online learning are nearly 100% immersive...lacking only the sense of smell. In a savvy virtual reality learning module, an attentive facilitator could add the olfactory and virtually – as in really – in an experience that is reality. Virtually.

"Yes!" said Kieran O'Mahony, PhD., FRGS when asked the question 'Can VR benefit learning?'. "AR and VR are the future of learning. Embodied action, realistic visualization, and immersive conceptualization all help with Attention, Executive Function, and Dopamine ".

O'Mahony's research in adult learning, millennial behaviors transforming workplace learning, and work on the pedagogical framework known as 'Brain-centric Design' is igniting Fortune 100 learning & development initiatives and bringing 'brain' to the forefront of deep understanding in the workplace.

Added Prosser, "Aninoob is a 3D authoring environment with a built-in editor that gives you control over every aspect of the Virtual Space. All aspects are user interfaced making the VR builder 'Noob friendly.' Aninoob is also extensible using the Javascript API should you require functionality that is not already built into the system."

To the layman, that means your online VR experience is waiting for your imagination & needs to say "let's do this."

The classroom is now defined as what is front of the single user, single screen, distracted mind. Virtual reality, in the right quantity, at the accurate time, is online learning at its most engaged opportunity.