Instructional Design For Marketing

Most companies are so focused on making sales that they forget how important and powerful knowledge is, even in the world of sales-making.
Although not always mentioned on sales tips and articles, educating your buyers or customers about their role in your business or any other matter related to your business can help you create more sales. That’s why it is important that you impart knowledge about the nature of your business to each and every one of your customers every chance you get.
One thing we really excel at here at Carr Knowledge is taking what you do well as a company, and wrap an innovative solution that brings people the answer on "why" would I choose your company over something else. 
One case study out of many is Subway. Because of the nature of the product, it is important to create a marketing solution that puts to rest the massive fast food options. In developing a simple game where the avatar is to avoid the competition because of the fat content, the consumer is given subtle suggestion on the whys the company's product is the optimum choice.
Having educated their customers, the company was able not only to win more clients to their sandwich making cause but to make a profit as well. Additionally, the company gained more customers, allowing them to build their customer-base, opening up more opportunities for their company.
Would the company be able to achieve this, if they’ve become modest about what they’re doing and decided not to inform their customers? Chances are, no. This is one way of making knowledge work for you.
Additionally, although your buyers’ first responsibility is to purchase the products and services you offer, there is also a need for them to be knowledgeable of how the items/services you are selling contribute to their world.
At Carr Knowledge, we understand social psychology, adult learning techniques, as well as have on staff trained instructional designers. We are excited to develop your marketing of product into a learning experience as well. Knowledge will help underline your customers’ reasons for coming back. There are many benefits to helping your buyer get to know your why. Not only will they learn more about the role your company, services, and goods play, they also will see you as a person who is willing to help them personally as well as other people around you. Acts like these are what separate the average company from yours.