Growth Mindset Training

While applications of new neural methodologies were anticipated by many to contribute to meaningful inroads into learning for K-12, it is in the world of corporate training that the biggest surprises manifested. Grounded in Pasteur’s Quadrant, the theoretical and practical implications of a multiplicity of breakthrough insights have delivered practices and processes that are life-changing.

We are at a perfect storm in the twenty-first century, where identity, self-efficacy, and engagement highlight the pressures of a system founded in a time that is no longer relevant for us.  At a time when we are inundated with information, but starved for wisdom, the mind can still be excited. All our brains are finely attuned to “Me, Here, Now” and if new information doesn't fit that model, we instinctually go into “Fight, Flight, or Freeze” mode.  Learning stops.  

React…it’s all we can do.  

Ever forward-facing technology wants nothing to do with a system that emerged from an industrial revolution in a chauvinistic, colonial era. People who have shared democratic ideals for generations no longer abide ideations and symbolism that reek of rote. 

Now is the place and time where individual and collaborative experience is mission critical. Our most valuable players – the Adaptive Experts, Cognitive Thinkers, Growth Mindsets – are not satisfied in their Industrial two-dimensional schooling, neither are you: right / wrong, me / you, up / down, over here, over there, payment by results, supply / demand. Boredom, frustration, fear, stress, and stagnation have forged a critical symbol for change. 

Change is in the mindset.

Mental models and thinking systems that are unencumbered by regime, time, or bottom line, have liberated workers into a place of creative ignition. In these worlds, output increased, sense of self & purpose is enhanced, and above all, people contribute in a healthy and robust engagement driven by an intrinsic motivation that is personalized & impactful.  

Brain-centric Design™ (BcD) is the emergent catalyst in this world of task-based learning, application, and output. BcD™ translates neuro- discoveries into practical teaching systems that deliver powerful improvements in the workplace so that all individuals reach their potential. The methods employed by BcD facilitators capitalize on explicit dynamics that serve-up conceptual collisions expressed in compressed-conflict. Participants immediately understand how to think about their thinking, regulate a lifetime of mental conditioning, and most importantly, do so effortlessly while sharing this method with others to achieve deep understanding.  

Understanding who I am under stress is not difficult. It is critical.  

BcD results are always significant, and often breathtaking. We define paradigmatic shifts on three mental planes at once: 

(i)      Conceptual     (from Behaviorist to Cognitivist)
(ii)     Mindset           (from Fixed to Growth)
(iii)    Expertise         (from Routine to Adaptive)

The goal is twofold: 

(i)    Eliminate labeling and stratification in workplace practices
(ii)    Increase individual capacity in the field where neuroscience informs practices & processes. 

Brain-centric Design training enables individuals to connect to their world of four-dimensional expression.  Like many new concepts, BcD is simpler in the rearview mirror. 

  • A deep and contextual understanding of Neural Plasticity eliminates stratification and negative stereotyping of implicit bias. 
  • A comprehensive understanding of Adaptive Expertise eliminates labeling and ignites individuals to find their best selves, every time.
  • A meaningful application of knowledge about Growth Mindset illuminates every workplace setting, drives competency with intentionality, and delivers engaged and contented employees. 

It might be rocket science, but it’s definitely neuroscience.  

Growth Mindset enabled by Brain-centric Design™