How To Never Promote Confusion

We've a schema for you, and it works every time.

If you are in the business of knowledge transfer in a competitive, fast-paced world, this book was written for you. It represents thousands of hours of research in the field of learning and training over the past twenty-five years. It illustrates what experts have known for a long time, the fundamental goal is to have your message not only heard but understood.

Regardless of your professional or personal intent, when you go into ‘presentation mode’ you are there to impart information to your audience in a way that makes it easy for them to understand.  When they understand, they will experience conceptual change and gain a new perspective.

Learning with understanding is conceptual change, and conceptual change is not easy. It comes down to neural circuits that connect new sensory information with executive functions of the forebrain. Since each individual’s brain is unique, it is facetious to imagine that any two adults hearing the same information will interpret it the same, will memorize it the same, and/or will be able to apply it the same. Why should they? The neural circuits that light up for my understanding will be unique and very different from the neural circuits that light up for your understanding. This is what makes us who we are and different from the zebra in a Kenyan grassland.

Understanding is a neurological process based on igniting networks that connect prior knowledge with new information so that the attenuation makes sense.  Individuals who have a more sophisticated understanding of subject matter can benefit from this information in the real world.  Conversely, someone who has a more limited understanding of the subject matter will not benefit to the degree they could. It often comes down to mindset. If I have a fixed mindset, my worldview will limit my understanding and indeed my ability to understand. Chances are, I will plateau early and never reach my true potential. Conversely, if I possess a growth mindset, I will be keen to expand my world, enjoy the increased opportunity and live in an expansive abundance and potential.