GDPR Notification


Click Here for the Carr Knowledge Inc. GDPR FAQ

Click Here for the Carr Knowledge Inc. Data Transparency Document


Three Most Common GDPR Questions

The brief answers to the common questions we see per GDPR as listed below are not a substitute for reading additional clarification provided in the FAQ and Data Transparency Document.


  1. Do Carr Knowledge Inc. Customers Need to Do Anything Right Now?

    No, there is no action that Carr Knowledge Inc. needs you to take immediately.
    Please keep in mind that we can only speak to the services and information we provide and collect.

  2. Do You Need a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Carr Knowledge Inc.?

    No, Carr Knowledge Inc. has provided the Data Transparency Document, and this document is comprehensive in providing details included in a Data Processing Agreement. If after reviewing the document you are still concerned you need a DPA, please contact

  3. Does Carr Knowledge Inc. or It's Partners Sell Personal Data?

    No, Carr Knowledge Inc. does not and has not sold your personal data. Carr Knowledge Inc.'s partners or associated third parties also do not sell personal data. The security of the information you provide to Carr Knowledge Inc. is paramount, and we will continue to add personal data management tools going forward.


GDPR has brought about an increased conversation with our customers regarding personal data, and the resources above are part of the process of meeting GDPR requirements.


If there is something you would like to know more about please contact and we will be happy to help you!